If a student needs to cancel a lesson, his or her parents have to inform the teacher at least 24 hours in advance for re-scheduling to be possible. Parents can re-schedule their child's lesson for any time that is convenient for both parties; however, there will be no refunds for missed lessons on the student's part, except when the lesson is canceled by the teacher.

If a student withdraws before the fourth lesson, the studio will refund the student's tuition for the full semester or half-semester, less the payment for lessons already taken; an additional cancellation fee of $25 will be subtracted from the refund.

The studio will refund only half of the tuition for the remaining lessons if the student withdraws after the 4th lesson and before the 7th lesson.   No refunds will be given after the 7th lesson except in case of prolonged illness or injury.

The studio only allows 3 excused absences per semester, all of which will need to be made-up. An absence is defined as excused only if the studio or teacher has been notified of the absence at least 24 hours before the time of the lesson.

There is no excused absence for a make-up lesson!

We do not follow the Massachusetts School System's schedule of vacations and snow days.

In case of a family vacation during the semester, please talk to your teacher in advance to arrange make-up lessons before or after your absence.

If a current student does not apply for the following semester or half-semester, he/she will lose his/her place in the studio.

In case he/she wants to return to our studio at a later time, it is possible only according to the current prices and the studio policy at the time of return.


Lessons are 30, 4050 and 60 minutes long, which can be arranged with the teacher. The student should arrive at most 5 minutes before the beginning of his/her lesson. Parents who leave their children for their lessons and return for them afterwards should make every possible effort to pick up their child on time.

Semi-private theory and ear training lessons for groups of 2 or 3 students are 45 minutes long.


Students will be required to purchase either:

Plan "A":

A full semester package of 18 lessons. With this plan students will receive a discount of 5%. 

Plan "B":

Two payments of 9 lessons per semester. This plan does not offer any discount. All students pay in full according to the actual prices.

Payment in full  is due on the first lesson of each semester (or on the first lesson of each half semester for plan "B").

A late fee of  $25 per student will be charged if payment is not made on time.

If the student makes more than 18 lessons per semester, payment for extra lessons will take place at the end of the semester.

Each student will receive a semester calendar to be able to follow the number of lessons taken during the school year.

 An application fee of $30 per student for the next school year will be charged at the end of June. The whole amount will be returned as a deduction from the Fall Semester tuition.

A new student has a right to 3 try-out lessons before purchasing a full-semester or half-semester package (the remaining 15 or 6 lessons).

The payment for the 3 try-out lessons is in full (without the 5% discount). However, if the student decides to purchase the next 15 lessons, the amount of the discount for the first 3 lessons will be given back as a deduction from the remaining amount for a full-semester package.

Summer semester students are free to purchase as many lessons as they wish with discount applying.