Kosta Haralampiev has been a most reliable and wonderful teacher of students I receive here at Pete Pedgeon Music School. Kosta has been on a board with me since May 2007 and has to my memory never received any bad reviews. He is versatile and great with young students, as well as adults. He has a broad knowledge of piano, guitar, voice and recorder, and can take students from beginner to advanced levels.

Pete Pedgeon, Owner/President

I am a twenty-one year old engineering student and have been taking piano lessons with Tania since the summer of 2007. While I do not study music professionally I have studied music leisurely for many years. In the relatively short time I have studied with Tania my piano technique and ability has progressed faster than I thought possible. Tania teaching style is calm, focused and logical. She recognizes that progress comes gradually and adjusts a lessons pace as necessary. She is also extremely gifted in communicating the true language of music and consistently emphasizes the importance of understanding a piece of music at a level deeper than just notes of a page. I would strongly recommend Tania as a teacher to a music student of any level.

Bradford Powers

We have two daughters who started lessons with Tania when they were 8 and 6, respectively. At the beginning of the lessons, we thought that our young daughter was not mature enough to play piano, but with Tania's experience and enthusiasm, she quickly found that she liked playing the piano. Tania seems to have a talent for blending encouragement and motivation in a way that makes each lesson a fun learning experience. She is very good at challenging our daughters to do better. She is a skilled teacher who responds to each student . It is worthy to note that with only two and a half years of lessons with Tania, our older daughter recently won the first prize in an audition for junior students held by the Foxboro Music Association.

Regarding scheduling issues she is flexible and understanding, allowing one to change times or days when needed.

We respect Tania for many of her qualities but most of all because she is able to connect with her students and customize their piano lessons according to their strengths. She is very proud of each and every student as is evident during the summer and winter recitals each year. I highly recommend Tania as a piano teacher for your children.

Hong Lin

I have had the honor of having Kosta teach vocal lessons at our studio in Jamaica Plain for the past 8 months of 2008. He instructed both, group and individualized block lessons from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 60 minutes. The majority of our students are teenagers with a love for today's radio hits. Kosta has been able to make strong connections with them, and also open their eyes to different genres and techniques involved within vocal music.

Kosta was always prepared and on time to teach. He conducted himself in a professional manner and I felt very confident in his ability to instruct and communicate to his students. He was not afraid to go the extra mile or put himself out there, demonstrating vocal technique. This is essential in getting students to really commit to their selected instrument and or discipline.

Kosta also helped develop a vocal curriculum in which he mapped out specific subject areas and or  techniques to help with vocals. This was necessary in assessing what our youth learned through the year.

Kosta will be a wonderful addition to any music program. With his experience and awareness, Kosta creates a positive and long lasting educational experience.

David Szebeda, Music Manager

My daughter Amirtha is learning piano from Tania for the last three plus years. She is currently in piano in level two. Amirtha is one of Tania's first students when she started teaching her piano class in Norwood MA. Tania has over 20 years of experience in teaching music in Europe and America. We are truly gifted to have her as the piano teacher for our daughter. The dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm she shows to her students are commendable. She makes sure every student gets one-on-one attention during class and interacts with a student's parents to clarify any doubts. She is always courteous and flexible in arranging make-up lessons. Tania is open and accommodating to adjusting the class hours when an advanced request is made. She organizes a piano recitals every six months to showcase the skills that her students develop over time.

I strongly recommend Tania to any one looking to learn piano at any level. I wish her good luck and best wishes in her future endeavors.

Sri Hariharan