the Art competition "My song"

Dear students and parents ,

We are happy to announce our annual art competition "my song" 2017!

Each child wanting to participate must create a picture in reaction to a musical piece of the students' own choosing. The picture must capture the mood of the music or the story narrated in the song.

The students can work with any materials - watercolors, tempera, colored pencils, crayons, etc.

Please parents, let the kids do their own work.

The art works will be evaluated in three categories:

1st category  -  Preschool children through 1st graders

2nd category  2nd to 5th graters

3rd category  -  Middle and high school students

The deadline for submissions is December 2, 2017; please, submit all artworks to Tania and Kosta.

The results of the competition and the prizes for the winners will be announced and presented at our Winter Holiday Concert in December 16, 2017.

The winners in the "My Song" 2016 competition will be able to participate again in 2018.

In order to make the process of evaluation more objective, the winners of 2016 Art Competition will judge the participants of 2017.

We wish all of the participants in "My Song" 2017 lots of inspiration, creativity, and success!

Congratulations  to our students for their great success in: 

the Massachusetts music Teachers Association's Judged Festival;

the Music Challenge  for K​ids in attleboro, ​ma;  

The royal school of music's graded exams!  

Dylan Li, Honorable Mention (Judged Festival);

Alex Vinu, Tianna and Ryan Wang - Platinum and cash prize winners (Music Challenge for Kids); 

Kerem Sherlock - Platinum prize winner (Music Challenge for Kids);

Uma Marcus, Jeffrey Pan, Nathan Zeng, Navya Venkatachalam, Valerie Hung - Golden prize winners (Music Challenge for Kids);

Kenji Chen & Cameron Travers - Silver prize winners (Music Challenge for Kids)