Let us give our children a chance to be creators of a better world, full of harmony and beauty.  Let us give them an opportunity to be in touch with the magic of the music. It will teach them to focus their attention, to be passionate, and to enjoy the triumph of the achieved harmony between their bodies and their minds. It will clean their souls from the negativism of our contemporary world.  And bringing the beauty of music home, our children will help us to remember what our real mission coming to this world were.

each new child born on our wonderful planet comes with the great mission to create beauty. Music is one of the most precious gifts that we have. It fills our hearts with the whole scale of human feelings. What would our lives be like without feelings?


Children create the world. What games they play today, that will be the world of tomorrow. We do not know parents who are indifferent to the future of their kids. All parents dream of having happy and healthy inheritors.