p.d. (13 years old):

Kosta is asking his student: "What do you think, why do the birds sing?" Student: "Well, I guess they have nothing better to do." Kosta: "And why do people sing?" Student: "I guess they pay them well for it?"

v.k. (4 years old):

While she is playing, the child is vigorously moving her legs and despite Tania telling her to stop, she continues. Tania says: "OK, time to stop moving your legs so much. See, they are making such wind that it's making me cold. I might get sick." Child: "I can't! I can't tell them to stop. They want to dance! They like my music a lot and that is why they dance!"

k.m. (6 years old):

Tania is explaining to this student that staff has five lines and in beetween them there arefour spaces, into which we also write notes. The boy is asking: "And why must there be four spaces among the five lines? Couldn't there only be three spaces?"

V.r. (6 years old):

Tania is explaining to the child where the notes live and where they go to work in order to make music, which makes people happy. After this explanation, Tania asks: "Now, did you understand the fairy-tale about the life of the notes?" Child: "Yes!" Tania: "Well, can you repeat to me what you have learned?" Child: "I learned that your eyes are just as brown as mine!"