Lesson time
30 min
40 min
45 min
50 min
60 min
                            Try-out lesson
     18 lessons (Full semester package - 5% discount)
      9  lessons (Half semester package - no discount)

  3 students in a group 

  2 students in a group

     15 semi-private theory and ear-training lessons per semester (45 min):            

                      $375  per student

                        $495 per student

Class for Adults  

(students aged 21 and older)

                        $48  per lesson (40 min)

     They are not required to purchase a lesson package. However, if they wish to pay for a full semester             

                  (18 lessons) in advance, they will receive 5% package discount.


      Travel fee


 Registration fee

  (before each school year)

                      $10per family


                             $30  per student (subject of deduction from the Fall Semester tuition)

      *Please, note that the prices of violin lessons are different from those listed here. For information,

       contact Gergana at: www.gerganaharalampieva.com

         The studio reserves the right to change the prices for new students each February and September.

         The prices for students already in our classes (long-term students) will not be subject to any future increases, unless they decide to

         discontinue  taking lessons and re-apply to the studio at a later time.