The Royal Schools of Music Exams for all levels 

To succeed in The Royal Schools of Music Exams candidates needed a combination of skills - in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception - as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. The instrument exams consist of three pieces chosen by candidate from the appropriate lists in the current syllabus, scales and arpeggios, sight reading, and aural tests. 

The Art Competition "My Song"

The goal of this competition is to stir children's imagination to find a link between music and visual art expression. Students who are interested in participating work on their art ideas during the fall semester. They can discuss with their teachers what piece of music to choose, its character, and how to project it in a visual art form.The winners and prizes of the Art Competition are announced each year during our Winter Holiday Recital.

Keys! Piano Challenge is a fun and educational festival and competition for piano students ages 5 to 18 held in North Attleboro, MA.  Kids perform in front of an audience and qualified judges. Each participant receives a score sheet with comments, and a trophy displaying their rating of platinum, gold, silver or bronze. The event takes place in April.   

Massachusetts Music Teachers Association's Judged Festival in Gordon College, Wenham, MA

The purpose of this festival is to provide students a chance to perform and compete in a judged recital format. The Judged Festival has a rotating theme annually. Students perform one piece from required list of repertoire according to their ages. Playing by memory is mandatory.

Fall Concert for Advanced Students

Every November, a more difficult concert for students Level 2 and higher is held. Playing by memory is recommended. 

A fee of $18 per student‚Äč will be charged in advance for participation in this concert. 


There are two recitals during each school year. The Winter Holiday Recital is held in December; the Summer Recital is scheduled for June. At the end of the Summer Recital, each student receives a diploma, which certifies the completion of his/her appropriate level. After each recital Tania, Kosta, and the students' parents organize a party for the students and their families. 

A fee of $18 per family is collected in advance for the concert only and $28 for the concert and party.

Spring Charity Musical Show

Every year in the end of March, a very enjoyable musical show is organized. Music is combined with poetry and short stories, which students perform to the audience. Preparation for this concert takes a longer time and students are required to rehears as a group. This show is dedicated to a charity organization (in the past years, we had dedicated it to the Jumpstart Program, the Food for Education,  to the Because I'm a Girl Campaign of Plan International, to the New England Association for Colombian Children, and others).

Any donation you can make is most appreciated! 

Parents are preparing costumes for their participating children.